Biological Assay Package 26 Released

We have released the Biological Assay Package 26. The latest version of this package has implemented customer feedback and got several improvements and novelties.

Let us mention a few highlights:


Combination of Assay Results
  • We have reworked the calculation process of the combination calculations giving you more control over the process. Furthermore, we have added a plot visualizing (see screenshot) the results of the combination calculations in the reports and on the dashboard

Quantitative Response Assay, Equivalence Margin Development & Test System Definition Document (Quantitative Response Assay)
  • Additional tests and test options lead to a further refinement of the suitability test capabilities of PLA 3.0, e.g. it can now be applied to specific control line elements
  • The total number of test and test variants available in Biological Assay 26 is now 105

In addition to these novelties, several smaller changes and bug fixes have been carried out.

Biological Assay Package 26: The complete changelog. Download "PLA 3.0 Release Notes and Version History (incl. Bioassay Package)" here

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