Graphikportal is online – powered by APS

"Graphikportal", a remarkable APS project, is now online and available to the general public. It is the first network-database for collections of graphics in the world. It will provide hundreds of thousands of graphic reproductions and drawings from the past centuries to the public. The originals are highly sensitive and need to be protected from sunlight. Therefore only a small percentage was on display up to now. But thanks to APS, that's about to change.

The "Deutsche Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte – Bildarchiv Foto Marburg" is the operator of the Graphikportal. The list of the other participating archives, museums, libraries and research institutes can safely be referred to as the Who-is-Who of German-speaking art history documentation. Among others, it includes the German National Library in Leipzig, the Wuerttemberg State Library, the graphical collection of ETH Zurich, the university libraries of Frankfurt and Heidelberg, the Hamburg Kunsthalle and Albertina in Wien.

Step-by-step, the museums and archives will now upload their graphical treasures in high quality. A task that will easily require many years. Choosing the right software for this enormous project was rather easy though: Because it can document, manage and publish collections with millions of objects, APS is ideally suited for the task.

But it wasn't just the unlimited scalability that tipped the scale in favor of APS, but also the option to document objects without predefined data fields. It's user-friendly search-and-filter function and the versatile reporting - along with other features - provide a scope of benefits which more than measures up to the high scientific standards of the project. Come and take a look: