Meet us at BEBPA’s 10th Annual Bioassay Conference, Sep 27 - 29

Just like in previous years, we are again a proud sponsor of BEBPA’s 10th Annual Bioassay Conference. Come to Malta, September 27 - 29, and meet us there.

BEBPA Conferences are a great opportunity to meet with other industry professionals, exchange ideas and share knowledge. It's always a pleasure to be there and this year's topics and workshops again sound very promising.

We will have our biostatistical software package PLA 3.0 with us at our booth and are looking forward to interesting discussions about bioassay analysis. Feel free to ask us anything about your biostatistical applications.

When you register for the conference, make sure to include the workshops as well. On September 27, Mike Merges and Mike Sadick are going to hold a workshop called “Make Your Bioassay Great...the First Time”. The other workshop is titled “Introduction to Statistics for Potency Assays” and will be presented by Nancy Niemuth.

You will find more information about the conference on BEBPA's website, together with an online registration form.

Register now and meet us there!