Versatile Database Software

Sometimes our customers are facing very complex problems. For instance how to organize large amounts of information in a meaningful way or how to make this information available to an audience. That’s where EDS comes in, our electronic document system. EDS 2.0 is a versatile system that we can customize to suit the specific situation of the customer.

A great example is the schematism of some Roman Catholic Dioceses in Germany. These Dioceses have staffs of thousands of people with different functions, titles and contact information. All of these people have their place in a large hierarchical organization. This information needs to be organized in such a way that it can be accessed and updated easily. But of course, this information is also complex and there is very little room for simplifying. That is why EDS 2.0 is the ideal software for this task.

To find out more about how a schematism can be managed with EDS 2.0, please take a look at our product overview (1 MB, available in German only).

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