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Is complexity something bad? We don’t think so. For us, complexity is just a fact of life. There is no point in simplifying something when you’re really just throwing away valuable information. The best thing we can do about complexity is to make it manageable. That is what we do with our database software.

Stegmann Systems GmbH has been developing software solutions at its location in Rodgau, Germany for more than 25 years. Stegmann Systems is the company behind the software products APS and PLA and has currently about 50 employees.

The PLA 3.0 software supports the analysis of all types of biological assays and provides a range of biostatistical methods for immunoassays, ELISA, and more. Visit our PLA website:

APS 2.11 lets you categorize and manage objects in museums and digital archives. But when it comes to serious scientific collections, you will find that APS stands out from the rest. Read more about APS:

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"Working from 9 to 5"? This is often still normal. We are past that: We work smart and independent. We are using modern tools to cooperate and work quickly and effectively. Our decision-making processes are short. We focus on what really counts. And we see ourselves as lifelong learners because we always want to get better. If that appeals to you, then come and join us.

We are a team of dedicated people working together to develop the best database software. Our customers are located all over the world and rely on us to manage the complexity they are facing every day. If you are interested in finding out more about the way we work, please take a look at our career pages.