There are plenty of companies offering an apprenticeship to become an IT specialist of software development, a mathematical-technical software developer or an IT specialist/system integration. So why should you consider joining us? Because not all apprenticeships are created equal.

In Germany, there are a number of professions that have to be studied in a dual education system setting. It combines an apprenticeship in a company and vocational education at a vocational school in one course. One of these professions is IT specialist of software development.

The way we see education is as training on the job. Here you are learning practical skills and will contribute directly to our development projects. You will also be doing your own projects in a way that the results will be valuable input for other projects and finally the end product. Because our software is rather complex, you are going to learn quite a few things that you might not find in every other company.

From the first day, you are part of our team and learn from experienced colleagues. You are allowed to (and you should) take a look at product planning, software project management and other areas of the company.

We started to offer this apprenticeship back in 2003 and most of the time, we have many trainees on the team. We usually offer them a full-time unlimited contract to continue their work with us when their professional training is over.

In order to start this apprenticeship, you need to have a university-entrance diploma (German: allgemeine Hochschulreife) or are about to receive it. Good German, English language and mathmatical skills are important to us as well. University drop-outs are welcome, too.

For any questions please contact: Barbara Wischer, available by phone until 12 noon: 06106 77010-201, E-Mail:

We are looking forward to your application!